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Mòd An Obain 2024

Friday 11th – Saturday 19th October 2024

Pop-up Gàidhealtachd comes to Oban!

The long-established and much renowned Oban Inn will play host to Gaelic speakers this February as part of Seachdain na Gàidhlig, World Gaelic Week 2024.

The town’s Gaelic community will be pulling out all the stops from 19-25 February, with events scheduled to take place throughout the week for Gaelic speakers, learners and enthusiasts.

Amongst these events is the Pop-up Gàidhealtachd, a pub meet-up where Gaelic speakers can come along and know fine well they will find fellow Gaels to chat with.

Gaelic speakers will be warmly welcomed into the Oban Inn on any given evening, but Friday 23 February is set to be a special night, inviting Gaelic speaking Òbanaich (Obanites!) and Earra-Gàidhealaich (Argyll folk!) to come together for an evening of craic, camaraderie and coimhearsnachd (community!).

The concept of the Pop-up Gàidhealtachd first began in Ireland, with a Gaeltacht being an Irish term for an area where Irish will be spoken, usually in the more rural Irish west. For speakers in areas such as Dublin, the Pop-up Gaeltacht was created, for them to find Irish speakers in their new adopted hometown.

This event, and Seachdain na Gàidhlig (World Gaelic Week) comes as the town begins to warm-up for the Royal National Mòd, returning to the town once again in October.

The Royal National Mòd is Scotland’s premiere celebration of Gaelic language and culture and will see the town fit to bursting with Gaels and revellers taking part in hundreds of competitions as well as the fringe atmosphere.

There are Seachdain na Gàidhlig events scheduled to take place across the world during February – across Oban, Argyll and the Highlands, as well as the central belt and as far away as Nova Scotia – and there’s always opportunities to join in online!

Let us know you’ll be coming along to the Pop-up Gàidhealtachd via our facebook event, and find out more about Seachdain na Gàidhlig and Mòd an Òbain 2024 via our social media pages.